released December 20, 2013



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Sanctuary For The Dead Δράμα, Greece

Solo project by a greek dude.

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Track Name: This Changes Everything
Anticipating madness
Is what keeps us up at night
As we deeper, and deeper
And lose consistency

For the legend who bleeds
Is just a casualty

Where will you be when your work's in vain?
Where will you be?

It doesn't matter anymore

As far as anyone can see
Drinking from from a poison fountain
And in the wake of comforting
Our corrupted soulless prison

Lest we forget to draw the line
Condemned in distant focusing
And everyone who gets to breathe
Breathe for the rest of us

Breathe for the rest of us (x3)
This changes everything

I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused.
I know this is not what you wanted.
And who knows? We might meet again, just one day.
This changes everything.